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Specialization of Incolanse

Family disputes

  • Consultations in matters of Family law
  • Judicial dissolution of marriage
  • Distribution of Property
  • Recovery of alimony
  • Contestation of paternity/maternity
  • Preparation of a marriage contract
  • Deprivation of parental rights
  • Division of the property of the spouses
  • Allocation of marital share
  • Establishing a schedule of communication with a child
  • Adoption
  • Disputes on location of the child’s residence
  • Limitation of parental rights


  • Preparing the intervention into the mediation process (phone communications, personal meetings,
    electronic messaging)
  • Adjusting an efficient communication to focus on the search for a mutually benefit conflict settlement
  • A mediation agreement conclusion
  • A mediation agreement follow-up


  • Analyzing the circumstances of a Force Major event
  • Preparing and submitting documents to confirm a Force Major event
  • Customer support at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Ukraine to confirm a Force Major

Land disputes

  • Section of land plots
  • Determination of the procedure for using the land plot
  • Registration of transactions with land
  • Representation  in court
  • Consultations on land disputes and issues
  • Representation in state bodies and local self-government bodies
  • Preparation of letters, complaints, claims and statements of claim

Housing disputes

  • On moving into a dwelling
  • On eviction from a dwelling
  • On rescission of sale and purchase, donations, exchange contracts regards residential premises
  • On transfer of title for residential premises pursuant to on the procedure of inheritance
  • On provision of accommodation under the tenancy contract
  • On rescission of exchange by residential premises, on provided according to tenancy agreement
  • On altering residential premises tenancy agreement
  • On division of residential premises
  • On rules and regulations of use of residential premises
  • On allocating a share of residential premises in kind

Hereditary disputes

  • Establishing a period for acceptance of inheritance in a court
  • Division of heritage, allocation of a share of inherited property in a common joint property
  • Resolution of disputes related to the acceptance of heritage
  • Adjudication of a legal fact of heritage acceptance
  • Adjudication of an actual kinship relations in order to accept the heritage
  • Recognizing a testament to be invalid, contesting testaments
  • Appeal of notary actions
  • Registration of inheritance

Executive Proceedings

  • Closing enforcement proceedings with debts
  • Releasing property from attachment
  • Releasing property from the executive service’s attachment
  • Blocking processes of sale of the arrested property
  • Appeal of eviction

Surcharging material and moral damages

  • Legal examination of documents
  • Acquaintance with case materials in court
  • Collection and recording of the case evidences
  • Determination of the legal position in the case
  • Drawing up a statement of claim (recall of the statement of claim, appeal, cassation complaint)
  • Direct representation in litigation
  • Appealing decisions in higher instances at all stages of the trial
  • Participation in the execution of the court decision by the executive service

Representation in administrative matters

  • Legal examination of documents
  • Acquaintance with case materials in court
  • Collection and recording of evidence in the case
  • Determination of the legal position in the case
  • Drawing up a statement of claim (recall of the statement of claim, appeal, cassation complaint)
  • Representation in litigation
  • Appealing on decisions in higher instances at all stages of the trial
  • Participation in the execution of the court decision by the executive service

Protection of property rights

  • Recognition of title for a property
  • Arrest of a property
  • Property recovery from someone else’s illegal possession or surcharging reimbursement of its value
  • Division of common property or allocation of a share from it
  • Determination of the procedure of possession, use and disposal of property, which is common
  • Invalidation of agreements on alienation of property
  • Invalidation of certificates by state authorities or local self-government bodies on illegal interference into execution of an owner’s rights to possess, use and dispose such owner’s property
  • About collateral property
  • Confiscation of property
  • Pledged property disposal
  • Transfer of a property subject to alienation by law into private ownership
  • Compensation for damage caused to property or harm caused to a person by violation of such person’s rights of ownership (including lost income)
  • On the exclusion of property from inventory, etc

Labor disputes

  • Legal analysis of the reasons for dismissal or transfer to another job
  • Legal claim preparation and submission to court
  • Preparation of complaints to law enforcement agencies
  • Representation of the client’s interests in the courts and before other state bodies, considering our client’s complaints against the employer’s actions
  • Obtaining an executive document on immediate reinstatement at work
  • Collection of debt on wages
  • Collection of wages for the time of forced employee absenteeism
  • Collection of moral harm from the employer

Legal support of transactions

  • Drawing up an offer, an acceptance, a protocol of disagreements to a contract, a minutes, etc .
  • Accompanying the customer at business meetings, participation in negotiations, discussion of conditions, etc .
  • Drawing up contract, supplement agreements there to
  • Drawing up a contract termination claim and representation in court

Liquidation of enterprises

  • Consultations on liquidation
  • Preparation of the set of documents, required for registration of charges relating to founder, director, address, name, phone number of the entity
  • Implementation of state registration of changes

Customs disputes

  • Consultation on preparation of documents for customs clearance of goods
  • Challenging, writing appeals, complaints against the conclusions of customs authorities
  • Representation of the client in the courts

Emigration disputes

  • Assistance in preparing documents for obtaining citizenship or temporary employment
  • Consulting on employment or dismissal
  • Obtaining work permit on the territory
  • Migration disputes, representation of your interests in court and other state bodies

Criminal disputes

  • Protection by a lawyer throughout the entire pre-trial investigation, while interrogations, confrontations, investigative experiments, in course of the judicial investigation, etc .
  • Visiting of the accused in the remand center
  • Appeal of the chosen preventive measure
  • Development of a certain line and tactics of defense in the case
  • Preparation and submission of motions
  • Preparation, drawing up and submission of appellate, cassation complaints on the case

Services to non-residents

  • Advising on investment issues
  • Legal support of different types of investment projects (acquire shares, corporate rights, real estate, land, property rights, intellectual property rights, etc.)
  • Advising on the optimal scheme for the implementation of economic activities on the territory of Ukraine;
  • Registration, reorganization, liquidation of the enterprises with foreign participation on the territory of Ukraine
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Share of positive court decisions and acquittals in favor of our clients


Conflicts resolved


The Incolanse Team

Ольга Драчевская

Olha Drachevska

Founder, lawyer
Incolanse LTD ООО «Инколанс» ТОВ «Інколанс»

Pascal de Souza

partner, lawyer in France and Monaco
Incolanse LTD ООО «Инколанс» ТОВ «Інколанс»

Tetiana Gurenko

Commercial director, Foreign Economic Activity Manager, Business mediator

Dmitry Vygnan

Auditor, Lawyer

Alexey Panich

Deputy general director, Lawyer

Natalia Saltanova

Chief Accountant, Аuditor

Stanislav Yakushev

Lawyer, Сriminalist

Philip Vygnan

Chief Counsel for Lawyers, mediator

Maksym Karchevskyi

Specialist in financial and economic security

Our clients


Customer feedbacks

Південні відгук

State Institution “M.K. Yangel Design Bureau “Pivdenne” and “Incolanse” Legal Company have been cooperating efficiently for many years. SI “DB “Pivdenne” expresses its respect and gratitude to the whole team of “Incolanse” especially to its CEO Olga Oleksandrivna Drachevska for highly qualified legal support with a wide range of legal issues. We emphasize the best advantages of “Incolanse” LLC – its personal approach to each customer’s requirements, ability to cope with irregular situations, promptness in task fulfillment, high professional expertise. What we especially appreciated in the year of the severe pandemic caused by COVID-19, the team of “Incolanse” Legal Company remained connected with us 24/7. It delivered its legal services and consulted on labor laws, as during the Corona crisis, labor relations have become the top priority matter. Remarkably efficient was “Incolanse” Legal Company in out-of-court dispute settlement. It showed its competence and expertise, representing and protecting the interests of SI “DB “Pivdenne” before law enforcement authorities, courts of civilian, economic, administrative proceedings, as in representation at court enforcement actions. s Such a result is predetermined by a well-coordinated work of the “Incolanse” professional team of highly qualified practicing advocates, lawyers, auditors, business mediators, experts in international business and accounting. With this consideration in mind, SI “DB “Pivdenne” highly appreciates its cooperation with “Incolanse” Legal Company and can certainly characterize it as a reliable partner. On the background of its experience, SI “DB “Pivdenne” can recommend “Incolanse” Legal Company to all those interested who require prompt and efficient legal support.

ALEXANDER KUSHNAREV | General Director of Yuzhnoye State Design Office

boryspil відкуг

The durable, friendly and fruitful cooperation between «Incolanse» Law Firm and «Boryspil magazine» justifies our strong partnership. «Boryspil magazine» expresses its sincere gratitude to the «Incolanse» Law Firm’s Founder and CEO, Olga Drachevska, and its Commercial Director, Tetiana Gurenko, for their firm civil-mindedness in support to the Ukrainian aviation. «Incolanse» Law Firm was among the first to join «Sky People» project. The project «Sky People» is focused on support to aviation people, who lost their work due to Covid-19 pandemics. For instance, only Boryspil international airport dismissed almost 30% of its employees. «Incolanse» Law Firm has once again showed its concern to those, who have lost their jobs in a blink and experienced hardship. Under the sponsorship of «Incolanse» Law Firm, «Sky People» project took place in Odesa, Lviv, and Kyiv, representing the charity project «Art opens the Sky» with the exhibition of thematic pop-art pictures. «Incolanse» Law Firm and «Boryspil Magazine» concentrated their forces, business contacts, and reputations to organize and support the charitable action «Art opens the Sky», as the civil aviation is one of key factors of a successful state. Dear Olga Oleksandrivna, dear Tetiana Oleksandrivna, your company has shown itself as a reliable partner in many projects by «Boryspil magazine», including international ones, and the selfless and inspired work of your team remains in the history of our institution as a significant contribution into the development of Ukrainian aviation! We wish «Incolanse» Law Firm new bright achievements are sure in our further fruitful cooperation.

Aleksey Didigurov | Chief Editor "Boryspil magazine"

travel to art відгук

Editorial board of the journal «Travel to Art» expresses its gratefulness to «Incolanse» Legal Company for itse highly-qualified legal support on matters arose while our journal creation. When we started to prepare the first issue of «Travel to Art», our team had to focus on elaboration of the journal’s design, write the first articles, take interviews, find the best printing office and many other issues. Then, the legal support by the best professionals of «Incolanse» legal company saved our time for artistic works. Considering that «Travel to Art» is an international project, registered in Florida, the USA, «Incolase» legal company consults us on different matters of international law and international trade. Earlier, we worked with global giants as DHL Express Ukraine, The Leading Hotels of the World, The Palm Beach Show, WAVF (World Airports Vip Forum), ITB Asia, so now we must be in a line with them, remain in trend with all matters of international legislation, as we distribute the journal all over the world… for instance, Miami, Paris, Los Angeles, Mexico, New York. Thanks to the Founder and CEO of «Inconalse», Olga Drachevska, who is opening the third representative office of «Incolanse» in Europe, «Travel to Art» can focus exclusively on its artistic work and stay confident that all international legal mattes shall have a quick and qualified solution. Editorial board of the journal «Travel to Art» expresses its respect to «Incolanse» and wishes inspiration and artistic achievements in your work!

Aleksey Didigurov | Chief Editor "Travel to Art"


“The First Depository Institution” LLC expresses its gratitude to “Incolanse” Legal Company for the long-term legal support. “Incolanse” – you are the best! We, as a financial company, always judge a partner or a contractor by two categories: time and result. By these two values, you are always No. 1. Coping with you, we are always confident that the tasks shall be fulfilled, and it shall take place in the most optimal terms”. Out requests are frequently irregular, but we always get an accurate and competent reply. We can recommend this company as a reliable partner thanks to their ability to heat the goal and meet deadlines. We hope to continue the cooperation and wish you further successful achievements!

Roman Rubanchuk | CEO of “FDI” LLC


“QA UNITY” LLC recommends “Incolanse” Legal Company as a reliable partner, fulfilling its obligations with high expertise and quality, and protects its customers’ rights and interests on the highest possible level. Our cooperation with “Incolanse” is relatively short, but we are sure that we have found a reliable partner for legal follow-up of our business. We applied at “Incolanse” with different legal matters. For instance, for representation in administrative cases, legal support of agreements. Especially notable is the “Incolanse” team’s high efficiency in tax disputes and protecting the interests of capital providers of the Investment Funds, which assets are managed by our company. We certify the high level of the “Incolanse” team’s professionalism, while the high quality of their services remains no space for doubts in the partner’s reliability. We believe that our cooperation shall remain at the same high level of quality.



«4В Ukraine» presents its compliments and expresses its gratitude to «Incolanse» for the long-term fruitful cooperation. Not a year has gone since we started to work with «Incolanse. This company its specific with its transparency and timely solutions. For the first time, we applied at «Incolanse» on matters of migration, and got timely and comprehensive expert consultations. Moreover, at «Incolanse» Legal Company we got advises on taxation of individuals abroad. Among many advantages, «Incolanse» legal company delivers a full set of services within migration law. It includes preparation and submission of documents required to meet the demands of local state authorities. Considering «4В Ukraine» company’s positive experience, we definitely recommend «Incolase» as a reliable legal partner to follow-up individuals and business. We highly appreciate our successful and mutually fruitful cooperation with «Incolanse» and wish you professional success and prosperity.

“Smarttechsolutions” Limited Liability Company herewith expresses its gratefulness to the “INCOLANSE” legal company for cooperation in the sphere of support of our company in matters of corporative, tax, customs, labor, immigration and other spheres of legislation. During the whole period of our cooperation we obtain high-qualified and prompt responses, flexible approach and responsibility at work that helped us to minimize the risks and to improve legal support of the company’s activities. It is worth to mention that among the advantages of INCOLANSE company are: individual approach to each customer’s demands, ability to familiarize quickly in non-standard situations, timeliness in fulfillment of tasks and high level of expertise in their business. “Smarttechsolutions” Limited Liability Company could recommend Gurenko Tetiana and her team at the legal company “INCOLANSE” as a responsible legal partner in Ukraine.

V.Sosnin | Director “Smarttechsolutions” LLC

We would like to address at you and your team with the words of sincere gratefulness for cooperation. “Thames Group” Limited Liability Company” herewith expresses its gratefulness to the “INCOLANSE” legal company for its highly qualified responses on questions in corporate, tax and other spheres of legislation, for high professionalism and operative efficiency. “Thames Group” Limited Liability Company could recommend Gurenko Tetiana and her team at the legal company “INCOLANSE” as a professional legal partner.

S. Popovich | Chief accountant “Thames Group” LLC

In the middle of 2017 we needed to open a representative office in Ukraine. We applied at the legal company “INCOLANSE” and obtained complete information about procedure of registration of a representative office, required resources and terms; it allowed us to estimate the situation correctly and to establish definitely our decision. While opening the representative office we have been provided with complete control of the registration process; we observed high expertise in preparation of the documents, representation of our interests before the Ministry of Economy of Ukraine, minimization of the expenses of our time and money for this procedure. I would like to mention very attentive attitude to our requests, promptness of consultations and clarifications. We felt no discomfort in our work, irrespective of the fact that our company is located in other country. And the most important is that the work has been done in stipulated terms, without any surprises. We would like to thank the team of “INCOLANSE” legal company and personally its director – Gurenko Tetiana for the work and wish the company further development and prosperity.

Y. Khachapuridze | Director "Aleksandreuli" LLC

“Kingfisher” Limited Liability Company express its gratefulness to legal company “INCOLANSE” for cooperation and support of our company’s business in matters of corporative, tax, customs, labor, immigration and other spheres of legislation. During the whole period of our cooperation we have been receiving qualified and prompt replies on our questions, flexible approach and responsibility at work; it gave us possibility to minimize risks and improve legal support of the company’s activities. We would like to mention that among advantages of “INCOLANSE” legal company are: individual approach to each customer’s demands, ability to familiarize quickly in non-standard situations, operational efficiency in tsk fulfillment and high level of expertise in their business. Limited Liability Company “KINGFISHER” recommends Gurenko Tetiana and her team at “INCOLANSE” Legal Company as a reliable legal partner in Ukraine.

V.Maknil | Director “Kingfisher” LLC

Dear team members of “INCOLANSE” LLC and personally Gurenko Tetiana! I would like to thank you for your work, that for over two years allows us focusing on fulfillment of our business tasks, not on elimination of legal troubles. I highly estimate the quality of your work in minimizing legal risks for business, as well as your expertise in legal resolution of the disputable situations with supervisory bodies. A business could be built not only thanks to the correct models and management, but also due to presence of such reliable partners, as you are. I will be appreciated by further cooperation of our companies!

T. Gubanova | Director

Main business activity of “PC “SYSTEMA” LLC is bulk trade in alcoholic drinks, including importation of the respective products to the territory of Ukraine. By this letter we would like to express our sincere gratefulness to “INCOLANSE” LLC (CEO – Gurenko T.O.) for fruitful cooperation since year 2016. Our company and the whole team thank you for high-qualified support and complete follow-up in economic, administrative and other courts of different levels as in the city of Kyiv, as in other cities of Ukraine. Also, we express our especial gratitude for complete support of import of the goods and obtaining all the required licenses, permissions etc. Results of work of advocates and lawyers of the “INCOLANSE” LLC allows to tell about high quality of legal services being provided.

T. Skorina | Director “PC “SYSTEMA” LLC

During the period of our cooperation with the “INCOLANSE” legal company we developed not only business, but also friendly relations and partnership. “IMPERIA ZOBRAZHEN” LLC have always obtained high-quality legal services in the sphere of copyrights, prompt consultations in all legal matters. Punctuality, scrupulosity and responsibility of the company’s team are always on highest level. We are especially grateful to the lawyer Drachevska O.O.

Doroshuk | Deputy director “IMPERIA ZOBRAZHEN” LLC

In April this year our company needed to obtain a new license for building construction works, because the previous one was expiring. Team of the legal company “INCOLANSE” provided us with all required oral consultations and promptly developed a set of documents for submission to the respective authorities. Operational efficiency of your team members allowed us continuing our work without any pause for obtaining a new license. This gave us possibility to avoid financial loss and to proceed providing high-quality services to our customers. We express our gratitude to the experts of “INCOLANSE” legal company for their professionalism and operational efficiency.

K. Leskovska | Director Ukrtorgbudinvest

“INCOLANSE” company is a reliable partner in legal sphere. Staff members and managers of the company are competent, highly professional and responsible. Lawyers of the company consulted us in matters of signing contracts, supplements agreements, reconciliation protocols. Accounting department has timely provided documents for payment and reporting. Cooperation with the company is comfortable and fruitful.

V. Chudak | Director OTV Media Group LLC

Building company “Zatyshnyi Budynok” has been cooperating with the legal company “INCOLANSE” in the sphere of law. During this period, its experts have ensured legal support of transactions, performed legal inspection of documents, consulted in the sphere of our company’s business activities. High level of expertise of the team, timely response on requests, professional approach to performance of the tasks. In the nearest future we are going to cooperate in support of international deals of our company.

V. Telichko | Director “Zatyshnyi Budynok” building company

Incolanse Law Firm, юридическая компания "Инколанс", юридична компанія "Інколанс".

“Kazakovs Travel” Travel Agency expresses its gratitude to the legal company “INCOLANSE” for long lasting partner relations, immediacy and promptness of services, responsibility for final result. Our cooperation has been lasting for several years. During this period, we applied for legal services while registration of the entity, obtaining licenses as well as for consulting. At the same time, we invite the experts from “INCOLANSE” to hold workshops for manages of our company. In their work, the lawyers have recommended themselves as a team of professionals, who are competent in many spheres of the company’s activities. I would like to express a personal appreciation to Olga Oleksandrivna for legal aid in July 2018, when many customers of us encountered difficulties, connected with massive cancellations and delays of flights. We are satisfied with cooperation with “INCOLANSE” company and can recommend it as a reliable partner.

M. Kozakova | Director “Kazakovs Travel” LLC

Incolanse Law Firm, юридическая компания "Инколанс", юридична компанія "Інколанс".

The Limited Liability Company “Kyiv Interregional Special Scientific-Restoration Design and Industry Administration” herewith expresses its sincere gratitude to the team of “INOLANSE” LLC, and especially to its CEO – GURENKO T.O. for high-level expertise at task performance and for providing high-qualified legal support in widest possible scope of issues. The invaluable legal support being provided by “INCOLANSE” LLC at courts of civil, economic and administrative jurisdictions gave “Kyiv Interregional Special Scientific-Restoration Design and Industry Administration” LLC a possibility to become the general contractor for restoration of Mariinskyi Palace in the city of Kyiv. Professional level of advocates and lawyers of “INCOLANSE” LLC enables us to recommend “INCOLANSE” LLC as a reliable partner for resolution of legal matters of any degree of complexity.

O. Kolesnik | Director “Kyiv Interregional Special Scientific-Restoration Design and Industry Administration” LLC

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