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Legal practice of Ukraine nowadays stipulates that the lower is the quality of legal services being provided the higher is the price thereof.
When in year 2013 we have been establishing the “Incolanse” company, we emphasized on introduction of approaches aimed to simplify the life of business. To implement our plans, we are constantly improving our knowledge by attending conferences, forums, seminars, and gaining international experience. During this period we have learned to translate from “legal” language to the one required and understood by business. We offer practical legal advice in specific situations instead of simply quoting articles of the law.

Our team consists of the bar professional lawyers, advocates, auditors, experts in international economy and accounting. We are consulting both domestic and international companies. “Incolanse” Law Firm Ltd. provides legal assistance on a wide range of legal issues, including: family, land, housing, customs, emigration, hereditary, labor, criminal disputes, enforcement proceedings, representation in administrative matters, legal support of transactions.

We are always on the side of efficient legal solutions!

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Драчевская О.А, Drachevska Olga, Драчевская Ольга
Гуренко Тетяна , Gurenko Tetiana, Гуренко Татьяна
Драчевская О.А, Drachevska Olga, Драчевская Ольга
Драчевская О.А, Drachevska Olga, Драчевская Ольга
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КБ Південне
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Драчевская О.А, Drachevska Olga, Драчевская Ольга

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