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Agreat number of registers with thousands of gigabytes of data were created over the years of independence of Ukraine. However, in order to receive certain information, one must personally make a request to the institutions and relevant authorities. The system requires simplification; thus, in 2017, the Cabinet of Ministers adopted the “Concept of Developing E-Democracy in Ukraine and Action Plan for Its Implementation.” The aim of the Concept is to engage the citizens to collaborate with the state authorities in order to develop public self-organization and self-governance.

The Concept implementation is expected to be fulfilled until 2020. It is important to create an e-government within the framework of e-democratization by means of re-engineering and modernization of all the adminisrative processes in the state with involvement of Information Technologies. The first steps were already made: at present, the Cabinet of Ministers website ( offers 119 services. Electronic Digital Signature (EDS) is required in order to get a complete access to the registers. As for the end of 2018, only 5 million of Ukrainian citizens had EDS.

However, last year, a Law of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services” came into force, the implementation of which shall speed up the process of citizens integration with e-government and its functions. Currently, such state registers as the State Land Cadastre, Unified State Ragister of Legal Entities and Individual Entrepreneurs, and State Demographic Register have been created and are functioning properly. Property Rights Register started operating, though in a concise version. Addresses Register is of no less importance: it is, actually, a relevant database of all the existing addresses in the country, which shall be developed into a unified and comprehensive register.

Also, in the nearest future, the long-awaited “Trembita” system shall start its operation. Its aim is to ensure the real-time data exchange between the electronic state registers. With its help, procedures for services provision should become simplified, some of which to be completely simplified, corruption risks minimized, and billions of hryvnias for the country saved.

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