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Electronic signature is an electronic data which is added by a signatory to other electronic data or is logically connected with them and used as a signature.

Finally, Act of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services” dated October 5, 2017 No. 2155-VIII entered into force on November 7, 2018. The law gives Ukrainian citizens the opportunities to get public services not only in Ukraine but also on the EU territory. First of all, this law repeats basic statements of EU Regulation 1999/93/EU and aims at Ukraine’s entry into the European Union digital ecosystem. One of the most important statements of the Law No. 2155 is mutual recognition of Ukrainian and foreign public keys and electronic signatures certificates. It provides electronic identification, electronic signature, electronic seal, electronic time indication, registered electronic delivery. The law shall be interesting to small and medium business.

Now you can register a company, submit a request and pay taxes just with your phone. It will also minimize direct communication with governmental authorities. Data exchange with administrations and customs offices will be made online without the need to undergo additional certification. Finally, you can form electronic agreements, delivery documents and reports of completion, endorse them by electronic signature and be sure that they will be accepted. Qualified electronic signature is considered legally equivalent to a director›s signature, endorsed by a company stamp. Upon registration of qualified signature/seal in state accredited centers (including foreign ones) signed documents will have absolute legal validity for governmental authorities and court. Such signature opens up a wide range of opportunities.

IDENTIFICATION OF NATURAL PERSONS who applied for service of qualified public-key certificate is fulfilled uponthe condition of their attendance in person with Ukrainian citizen passport or other documents identifying their personality, in accordance to regulations about Unified National Population Registry and documents confirming identity, Ukrainian citizenship or social status.

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