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Importance of the Rome Statute ratification by Ukraine.

Importance of the Rome Statute ratification by Ukraine

Importance of the Rome Statute ratification by Ukraine

Information sheet on the importance of the Rome Statute ratification by Ukraine

Ukraine signed the Statute on January 20, 2000, but has not ratified it yet.

What is the Rome Statute?

The Rome Statute is an essential instrument of international law dedicated to the prosecution of crimes against humanity, genocide, military crimes, and crimes of aggression participated in by 123 states.

What will it give to Ukraine?

Ratification of the Rome Statute will be important to enhance diplomatic pressure on the russian federation and to create real prerequisites to hold its military staff accountable for all their crimes in the territory of Ukraine since 2014.

Moreover, the ratification shall mean the necessity for Ukraine to bring its laws following the Rome Statute in determining the legal background for efficient cooperation with the International Criminal Court. Namely, the President of Ukraine shall undersign the Draft Law No. 2689 “On Alterations to some Legal Acts of Ukraine on the Implementation of International Criminal and Humanitarian Law Provisions”, provided for signing on June 07, 2021.

Important is that Draft Law No.2689 stipulates the implementation of the Geneva Conventions’ provisions with their additional protocols, containing provisions on war prisoners’ protection during an international armed conflict, infringements of the rules of war and protection of civilians.

Additionally, the Criminal Code of Ukraine shall include provisions on crimes against humanity and military crimes and the Criminal Processing Code – with peculiarities of war crimes investigation.

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