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Lawyers will have their electronic cabinet registered with the UCITS.

Адвокати повинні будуть зареєструвати електронний кабінет в ЄСІТС. Lawyers will have their electronic cabinet registered with the UCITS.

Lawyers will have their electronic cabinet registered with the UCITS (the Unified Court Information and Telecommunication System). Draft Law No. 7574-d passed as a background on 04.11.2022.a

What is the UCITS?

The founder and CEO of Incolanse Legal Company, PhD in Law and a lawyer, Olha Drachevska, notes that the UCITS ensures the function of an electronic court proceeding in Ukraine after the adoption of new processual codes in 2017.

Draft Law 7574-d offers to oblige all legal entities and individual entrepreneurs to register an e-cabinet in the UCITS.

Final provisions of the document establish that:

  • lawyers;
  • notaries;
  • public and private executors;
  • arbitration managers;
  • forensic experts;
  • state authorities;
  • local self-government bodies;
  • other legal entities;

– shall register e-cabinets in the UCITS or its separate subsystem (module) for the exchange of procedural documents within thirty days after the publication of this Law.

Individual entrepreneurs shall register their electronic cabinets in the UCITS within four months after the Law comes into force.

Besides, the Draft Law plans to ensure an option for parties of a legal proceeding to send documents by UCITS to other proceeding’s participants if they have an e-cabinet.

If the Law gets adopted and comes into force, applications or document submissions to a court should take place exclusively using this system. If a person was obliged to register an e-cabinet but failed to do so, such person’s documents submitted in any other way will remain unprocessed or returned without the court’s consideration,  depending on the document type.

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