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Ukraine’s economy is constantly developing both in the import and export. 2017 showed the openness of the European market for Ukrainian goods and the increase of export volumes in Ukraine. Among many European countries, France is a permanent and reliable partner.

The INCOLANSE Law Firm has been fruitfully cooperating with French business since its inception, representing its interests in Ukraine, and helping Ukrainian entrepreneurs to organize their work in France. Over 2017-2018 period, the number of our customers who have been importing the French wine into Ukraine has increased. This contributed to a great extent the level of exchange rates, which directly affects foreign trading. The volume of imported wines into Ukraine in 2017 revealed the increase of 31.7% as compared to the previous year. According to the State Fiscal Service of Ukraine, their customs value was about 94.4 million US dollars.

Last year, domestic importers brought 9.6% more French alcoholic beverages than in 2016. France is one of the 5 largest wine exporters in our country. In Ukraine, it’s required to have a wholesale alcohol trade license for the import and further sale of alcohol products. The State Fiscal Service of Ukraine issues this license for 5 years with annual payment of an administrative fee in the amount of 500,000 UAH. At the same time, you should also get a license for the import (780 UAH). The price of one excise stamp for wine is 0.08 UAH per liter of excise tax and the price of the stamp itself is 0.1926 UAH. The stamps will become available only two months after the date of filing an application for their purchase. One of the most important aspects is the adhering of excise stamps to the bottles. In Europe, only a small number of manufacturing companies commit to such a responsibility. Typically, there are production workshops near the Ukrainian border that carry out the appropriate procedure.

The general dynamics of the import growth of French wine makers in Ukraine over the last 9 years has shown that the consumption of quality wines in our country has increased manifold. There were built more favorable conditions for fruitful cooperation between Ukraine and France. To quote the French wine maker Eric DULLONG, «Bordeaux wine are similar to a great book there is always an unread page». We hope that the Ukrainians will continue to discover new hints of wine.

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