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Incolanse LTD ООО «Инколанс» ТОВ «Інколанс»

Electronic signature is an electronic data which is added by a signatory to other electronic data or is logically connected with them and used as a signature. Finally, Act of Ukraine “On Electronic Trust Services” dated October 5, 2017 No. 2155-VIII entered into force on November 7, 2018. The law gives Ukrainian citizens the opportunities to get public services not only in Ukraine but also on the EU territory. First of all, this law repeats basic statements of EU Regulation 1999/93/EU and aims at Ukraine’s entry into the European Union digital ecosystem. One of the most important statements of the Law No. 2155...

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Bailout – Saving a Company’s Face

On 18 th of October, 2018, Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine adopted Bankruptcy Code of Ukraine. The Code is becoming valid and is coming into force six month after the date of its official publication. This systematic codifying statute is expected to enhance efficiency of the bankruptcy procedures for making Ukrainian market more attractive for investments and to ensure easier running business in Ukraine. The Code’s structure includes provisions, artificially taken from the current law of Ukraine “On Renewal of the Debtor’s Solvency or Declaring Its Bankruptcy”, Economic Code of Ukraine and Economic Procedure Code of Ukraine. This Code has also...

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Ukraine – Qatar: new impulse

Incolanse LTD ООО «Инколанс» ТОВ «Інколанс»

Ukraine – Qatar: new impulse  Diplomatic relations between Ukraine and Qatar have been rapidly developing since 1993. In recent years, a number of agreements on countries collaboration in energetic, agrarian, and technological spheres have been signed. During 2017-2018, economic collaboration between the countries has increased by 4,3 times. In 2013, an embassy of Republic of Qatar has been opened in Ukraine. One of the top-priority growth directions of relations between Ukraine and Qatar is diversification of natural gas supply. Currently, negotiations concerning liquefied natural gas supply with Qatar administration are in process. 90% of food products market of Arab countries...

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Incolanse LTD ООО «Инколанс» ТОВ «Інколанс»

Ukraine’s economy is constantly developing both in the import and export. 2017 showed the openness of the European market for Ukrainian goods and the increase of export volumes in Ukraine. Among many European countries, France is a permanent and reliable partner. The INCOLANSE Law Firm has been fruitfully cooperating with French business since its inception, representing its interests in Ukraine, and helping Ukrainian entrepreneurs to organize their work in France. Over 2017-2018 period, the number of our customers who have been importing the French wine into Ukraine has increased. This contributed to a great extent the level of exchange rates, which...

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